• If you click on course name it should redirect you to the course webpage (if it exists), some courses have resources. I plan to keep them updated.

Semester I 2024-25

  • MA205: Several Variale Calculus.


Semester II 2023-24
  • MA628: Algebra II: Galois Theory and Modules
  • MA592: Special Topics in Mathematics:Mathematics in India till 1500 CE, IIT Gandhinagar, March-April 2024

MA592: Special Topics in Mathematics: Mathematics in
India till 1500 CE, IIT Gandhinagar, Feb-April 2024

Semester I 2023-24
  • MA632: Applied Statistics
  • MA691-IV: Special Topics-Elliptic Curves and Surfaces.
Semester II 2022-23
  • MA 202: Statistics & Probability to would be (could be or maybe) engineers at IIT GN
  • MA636: Riemannian Geometry. This is for math enthusiasts. Not much prerequisite is asked for. The details will be regularly updated here.
Semester I 2022-23
  • MA510: Topology
Semester II 2021-22
  •  MA 202: Statistics, Probability and Numerical methods for Engineers at IIT GN.
  • From September 2021-December 2021, I taught a course on Algebraic Curves and Riemann Surfaces at Chennai Mathematical Institute, details are here.
Long before that when Covid just began…
  • I taught a course on Moduli Space of Curves in Spring 2020  at IST Austria and you will find the details here. I took a (virtual) Quiz as a final exam for the course, you can find the details and quiz slides here.